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About Us

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Sin Rubtech® is an innovative chemical service provider whose core business is manufacturing and supply of eco-friendly and often sustainable polymer bound predispersed chemicals (PBPCs) backed by its unique technical service from birth to grave of rubber products. Sin Rubtech®’s 4 rubber technicians have a combined experience in rubber industry of over 100 man-years, including one fluent in technical Chinese. Sin Rubtech® has written more than20 Technical Bulletins and Short Notes; and most of them are posted on our website to keep our valued customers informed. More than 8 of our Short Notes are now available in Chinese.

Currently, we have more than 50 PBPC products and more are in the R&D pipeline.

Our valued customers will testify on our unique technical back-up services including factory floor troubleshooting. Our PBPCs are sustainable in the sense that users also achieve bottom-line cost savings in switching from powder/ liquid forms.

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