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Company History

1983   Founded by Sin Siew Weng.
Relatively dormant except for the occasional consultancy job.
1990   Kayel Retreads Sdn. Bhd.,  a member of The Kit Loong Group, acquired 50% shares and started trading in rubber machinery and chemicals.
1993   Initiated R&D work and filed its first Malaysian Patent for PEPTSIN Rubber.
1996   Sin Siew Mun (brother), a polymer chemist/ technologist joined the company.
Published “Handbook of Sin Rubtech® Products for the Rubber industry.
1997   Started R&D work on polymer bound predispersed chemicals and manufacture of these in slab form at its associate company, UA Rubber Speciality Chemical Sdn. Bhd.
1998   Granted 2 UK patents.
Signed licensing agreement with UA to manufacture Sin Rubtech® products.
Dr. Lee A. K. joined Sin Rubtech®.
Applied for trademark for Sin Rubtech®.
Appointed 4 sole distributors of Sin Rubtech® products.
1999   Started its first commercial granular polymer bound predispersed chemicals line.
Added another 4 sole distributors making it a total of 8.
Granted Malaysian Patent for PEPTSIN rubbers.
Sin Yoong Leong (son), a chemist joined Sin Rubtech®.
Sin Yoong Cheong (son), a Systems Engineer joined Sin Rubtech®.
2000   Approved the 9th sole distributor.
Approved by Nike Inc. as one of their vendors of polymer bound predispersed chemicals.
Installed 2nd Granulator by June 2000.
Commercialized probably the world’s first polymer bound predispersed silanes such as TESPT-50G, A1289-50G, A1891-50G, A172-50G, Si69-50G & Si264-50G with  guaranteed open ambient storage stability of at least 3 months. Malaysian patent applied for.
2001   Kayel Retread Sdn Bhd acquired 51% shares of Sin Rubtech®. In turn Sin Rubtech® acquired controlling interests of UA Rubber Speciality Chemical Sdn. Bhd, United Anchor Sdn Bhd and Lagenda Mesra.
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