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Learn more about the Advantages of Sin Rubtech® PBPCs


Sin Rubtech® Polymer Bound Predispersed Chemicals (PBPCs) Product Category

Advantages of Sin Rubtech® Polymer Bound Predispersed Chemicals (PBPCs)

  1. Protection of humans and environment from toxic substances.
  2. Encapsulated chemicals considerable reduce exposure of workers and their places of work to irritating, toxic or combustible dust.
  3. Excellent dispersion of rubber chemicals and optimal utilization of their active ingredients.
  4. Elastomer-bound chemicals in granule form reduce the problems of cleaning caused by spilled products or harmful dusts.
  5. Improved dispersion ensures optimal use of active ingredients, often allowing a reduction in quantities. It also opens the way to improvements in productivity,quality and uniformity.
    - Faster mixing cycle: 10-100% faster final mill mix.
  6. Less heat history: less scorch & remill.
    - Less finished products and service rejects.
  7. Lower bottom-line costs.
  8. The granule form facilitates both manual and automatic weighing and allows the use of automatic metering. Small packages with narrow weigh tolerances can be supplier on request.
  9. Problem-free metering and incorporation.
  10. With Sin Rubtech® multi-ingredient pre-weighed PBPCs in low-melt EVA bags service, more thorough and quicker dispersions can be achieved, allowing for a better final product and economic advantages & better environmental control - less worker exposure to chemicals.
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