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Short Notes | Technical Bulletins

Short Notes

Chinese Version: 摘要
1. Soluble and insoluble sulphur  - some practical suggestions in athletic    footwear   applications
2. How to reduce scorchy, scorched compounds & remills to less than 0.5%
3. Bloom & Psuedo-bloom
4. Footwear Compounding
5. Silane Coupling Agents
6. Compounding For Rubber Products In Contact With Foodstuffs
7. CTP Chemistry
8. Polymer Bound Predispersed Chemicals (PBPC’s)
9. Compounding Elastomeric Blends And Homogenising/ Compatilising Agents
10. Stabilisation of Ester Polyurethane and Millable Polyurethane
11. Cross-Linking of Peroxides
12. Rheometer Testing: Pros & Cons of Temperature Selection
13. Moulded Blown Outsole Manufacture: Solutions To Irregular Sizes, Bubbles/ Blisters and Pips
14. Some Guidelines In The Comparative Evaluation of Sin Rubtech® PBPC’s With Their Powder/ Liquid Forms
15. Compounding With Nitrosoamine Free Chemicals in Footwear Manufacture
16. Advantages of Compounding With Sin Rubtech® IS-65G or ISE-75G Over Insoluble S Powder
17. Zinc Oxides in Medical Plaster
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