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Short Notes | Technical Bulletins

Technical Bulletins

1. Peptsin Rubber - All You Want to Know
2. SP Rubber In Footwear Compounding
3. RUBPLAS G In Special Applications (OBSOLETE – Not available anymore)
4. Processing Aids: All You Need To Know
5. Preparations of Ingredients for Latex Compounding: A Review and Introduction of a New Pseudo Reticulate Stabiliser “PRS”System
6. Predispersed Chemicals: Introduction, Applications and Advantages
7. Mill Breaking of Scorched Rubber, PA-80, Vulcanised Rubber and Scraps
8. Anti-Tack Dispersion: A Review and Introduction of A Modern Hi-Tech Anti Tack Dispersion “ATD/3” For The Rubber Products Manufacturing Industry
9. Introduction of REGENTM AGENT S & REGENTM AGENT L and their applications in peptisation of raw rubbers and the recycling of pre-and post consumable sulphur vulcanised & other rubber scraps in to REGENTM rubbers and their use in low cost compounds
10. The REGENTM Process: All You Want to Know
11. The role of polymer bound predispersed chemicals (PBPCs) in modern mixing practices with economic and environmental benefits
12. Mixing with Kneaders
13. Modern Paddy Dehusking Rollers Manufacture
14. The Art & Science of Microcellular Slab Stocks and Midsoles/ Outsoles Manufacture
15. Retread Compounding: A Review And The Role of Polymer Bound Predispersed Chemicals (PBPCs)
16. Curative Systems For Polychloroprene A Practical Review
17. Achievable and Measurable Productivity & Efficiency Improvements in Silica-Filled Compounds Processing
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